P.S : I’ve been meaning to write an entry regarding above situation, but this picture compiles all. Will update a ‘proper’ entry very soon!



Wordless Friday.

Le Sister.

#1 I was on the phone with Aida just now asking her to accompany me tomorrow for some private matters. Before we ended the conversation she did tell me something :

Aida : Mak Ngah (Kak Ina) tadi Whatsapp me. Dia bagi gambaq.

Me : What gambaq?

Aida : She claimed that it is LV’s seventh edition bla bla turns out it’s a pocong!

Me : HAHAHA. Dia tadak keja ka?

#2 There’s a night and I was in the middle of cooking for dinner and then my phone rang. I saw Kak Ina holding my phone and I was like :

Me : Kak Inaa, sapa tuuuu? (Expecting a call from someone)

Kak Ina : I don’t know. Unknown number. Mai la tengok. (And handed me the phone)


I was so excited that I left all my works just for the sake of that call. And you know what?  She just took my phone and played back my ringtone and pretend that someone’s calling me. This is stupid prank, only kids will do this and she is freaking 33! I have such a sad life, no? =.=’

#3 I was sleeping, but then there’s BBM alert at 4.30 in the morning interrupting my peaceful sleep.

Me : *This just gotta be some stupid broadcast message, and…..*

Kak Ina : Give me nasi lemak recipe.

Me : Are you kidding me? It’s 4.30 am and you’re asking me for recipe? GO GOOGLE!

She actually stayed up all night just to think what to cook for breakfast, her husband’s family was staying over. And might be forgot there’s invention called ‘GOOGLE’.

#4 Warning: This may be kinda inappropriate, read at your own risk.

Kak Ina : Tau dak I did the cancer rahim test and it’s damn sakit.

Aida and me : Buat kat mana? Nak buat jugak!

Kak Ina : Ish ni untuk orang yang pernah ‘naik bas’ saja.

Aida : Ya Allah Mak Ngah! Ida naik bas ngan kawan Ida.

Me : Kak! Aku ulang balik KL naik bas! *Cried*

Kak Ina : What’s wrong with you guys. This ‘naik bas’ for married person only lerrrrr.

Aida and me : *Lastly, come to our senses*

Why la on earth she needs to describe that intimacy by ‘naik bas’. At a second, I thought I might have severe cervical cancer since that I’ve been traveling hell lots using bus! HAHA

And Kak Ina, if you happen to read this, I just want you to know it such a pleasure to have you around! Don’t grow up way too fast and let’s just stay the way you are and crack us jokes despite that we often told you to ‘grow matured’.  HAHA. I know lah you are actually matured the way you manage your works, home and etc. Give us another ‘Icha’, quick!

A Muffin Treat.

So yes, I am eagerly want to share this simple recipe of muffins.

I hope it’s not too much if I say this is my favorite ‘snack’ at the moment. I fell asleep after my Isya’ last night and suddenly woke up at 12.00 am and went straight to the kitchen. No, I’m not dreaming of something like muffins or cake, it just me who wanted to bake this because it’s freaking ea…… wait for ittttt sy! Yes! It is EASY. So there is me running back and forth at the kitchen searching for a baking bowl, a whisk, spatula and the list goes on.

All you need :

(For 2 dozens of muffins)

1. 8 tbsp of whatever kind of butter you prefer

2. 2 eggs

3. 2 cups of sugar or castor sugar would do

4. 2 cups of fresh milk

5. 4 cups of wheat flour

6. 4 tbsp of baking powder

7. 1 tbsp of vanilla essence

8. A pinch of salt (I didn’t put any because the butter itself salty already)

9. Chocolate chips. This is optional, you can put any jam fillings or chocs inside.

For a simple step you can just put everything at one time and beat them. This is what the original recipe told me (click here) but if you doubt that, you can just beat the sugar, eggs and butter first. But it’s still harmless if you beat everything at one go. No worries!

Preheat the oven to 170 degree celcius.

Scoop the batter to the cups or muffin tray and don’t forget to sprinkle the choc chips at the top of it!

Bake them for over 20 minutes.

And it’s done!

You can always thank me later 😀


So it’s a new year. Time to start off fresh, resolutions and what not. I’m a bit late for saying the ‘Happy New Year’ wish but there’s a saying said it’s better late than never. Being me, I don’t really like to set up for goals and things like that. Because, I personally think, is setting a goal (every single year) make you a better person? Or more determination? I guess it’s not, at least for me. I know, it’s nothing wrong having resolutions and goals for new year but I’m doing it in my way. I have few obtainable goals like: I want to complete the 5 prayers on time tomorrow. I want to start living healthy life from this now on. I hope I can make my parents happy today for cooking their favorite foods. And etc. We might not aware that everyday is a new brand day and it’s a human nature if we want to be better person. So if you plan to be a better person, why need new year if you can start it now? Life needs a little thinking. (I read it from one wise man :D)

I can’t barely remember how things can be passed quickly. I’ve grown up and so people around me. Icha now can speaks so fluent it annoys me sometimes lol, Daim is starting his first year of kindergarten, Aida got her license already, abang is going to be someone husband this year (InsyaAllah), some friends of same age are married now and getting children, Kak Ina is planning of having her third baby, mommy and daddy are living their 60s phase now and what not. I just thought I may have this moment to say that I’m truly and honestly grateful to Allah for this wonderful journey. I have a great family and awesome friends. I just love my circle of people. And all I can give is my prayers may Allah guides us on a right track, showers us with endless blessings and let us live a happy life in the world and hereafter.

And whoever reading this, I hope you are too doing well and leads a happy life ahead 🙂


Shabu Shabu

My sister and my parents they had dinner outside this one particular night. And when they got home, my sister being such a furious lady was looking for me straight after she entered the house. At first I thought she might be meeting with her ex during the dinner but, come to my surprise, she was asking (insist) me, to take her to the Shabu Shabu restaurant. And I was like, what on earth? She just got back from dinner for God’s sake! This girl -.-

Me : Awat? No good foods ka tadi?
She : No! I just need to go there.
Me : Why laaa?! Tak kenyang ka?
She : No! I just need to cure my craving for Seoul Garden.
Me : -____-

I’ve never been to Shabu Shabu, but I used to go to Seoul Garden once, during the last day of my previous semester. I can say that Seoul Garden is pretty great. I love their variety of foods! Being such a Korean hardcore, I can’t resist the temptation of grilled beef and such. Since they got no Seoul Garden here at Kedah, (the nearest branch is located at Penang, quite far from my place),  so I decided to go for Shabu Shabu the other day with the sister.

Grill & Shabu Shabu Restaurant. Looks promising.

Located right in front of  Tesco, Mergong. Those Kedahan must know this place.

Niece, Aida (left) and sister, Aqeela.

There was one day, we were watching My Girlfriend is Gumiho. That drama is good, but the hardest part is… watching Mi Ho enjoying her grilled meats and chickens. Aida and me, we were like, Ya Ampunnnnnn, sedapnyaaaaa! Please, I want that now! Must she do that expression, ughh! Which is kind of disturbing, actually. That’s the reason to drag Aida along, this moment meant to be shared with her too, lol. So what we had that day :

The tom-yam base and some of grilled stuffs.

This is like the one at Sushi King, we can choose whatever we want from the train menu.

Omo, too cute to eat this little thing.

My first batch of grilled stuffs.

We were like just campak everything there! Not aware there is a note saying “RM 5 per 100g for waste food” LOL

Burpppp. Most likely going to faint at this point of time. Take fives before some dessert.

My favorite flavor of ice cream vanilla and choc. Nothing much of choice for dessert here, though.

Under this circumstance,  I can say this treat could cure our craving for Seoul Garden despite that the variety of meats here nothing much in compared with Seoul Garden. And I’m not quite liking the concept of we need to pay for the waste food because I tend to finish everything in one go it suffocates me! Ha-ha. But then again, this place is one nice place to dine in with your family and friends. Highly recommend!


The last proper update was 5 months ago and in between that 5 months time, it was the time when I was busy coping for something called… life.

Life. Which I mean, getting back to college for degree, and sure enough degree is a tough stuff man! Prolly the toughest moment in my life. I was all down and almost give it up because this whole thing of degree, is a complete disaster. The assignments and quizzes are enough to let me die, let alone the final papers. I even vowed, if I screwed up my very first result it’s time for me to pack all things off and start thinking what to do with my future (Such a drama queen). I’ve never cried so much before during the diploma time, because I always have this positive thought that things just gonna turn out well. But of course who allows me to just comfortably sit there and laid back, life gonna be hard sometimes. And what do I do when life gets hard? Pray. Because He always listen. So, I am truly grateful that the result turned out to be okay, Alhamdulillah. It was nothing like Dean’s list and I didn’t expect much but you know, it is just okay. Plain okay and there’s always next time, I coached myself.

So that’s it the story behind my absent, I’ve been very occupied with my life at the moment and didn’t bother to write a proper entry.

Above all, I hope everyone are doing fine and may life has brought upon you great happiness!

Till the next time, XX.