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Wordless Friday.


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The last proper update was 5 months ago and in between that 5 months time, it was the time when I was busy coping for something called… life.

Life. Which I mean, getting back to college for degree, and sure enough degree is a tough stuff man! Prolly the toughest moment in my life. I was all down and almost give it up because this whole thing of degree, is a complete disaster. The assignments and quizzes are enough to let me die, let alone the final papers. I even vowed, if I screwed up my very first result it’s time for me to pack all things off and start thinking what to do with my future (Such a drama queen). I’ve never cried so much before during the diploma time, because I always have this positive thought that things just gonna turn out well. But of course who allows me to just comfortably sit there and laid back, life gonna be hard sometimes. And what do I do when life gets hard? Pray. Because He always listen. So, I am truly grateful that the result turned out to be okay, Alhamdulillah. It was nothing like Dean’s list and I didn’t expect much but you know, it is just okay. Plain okay and there’s always next time, I coached myself.

So that’s it the story behind my absent, I’ve been very occupied with my life at the moment and didn’t bother to write a proper entry.

Above all, I hope everyone are doing fine and may life has brought upon you great happiness!

Till the next time, XX.

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A Not So Goodbye Note

I’ve been searching like mad my favourite tweety pyjamas and a dress of mine because I’m going back to Gombak tomorrow.  And would not make it without my favourite tweety pyjamas. I know they must be misplaced somewhere. I tend to get angry easily and cry (you know me) because of that. Mom told me to take it slow and recite Ya Jami’. Thanks Allah, it really works! Five minutes later, I found the pyjamas in the second drawer which I least expected it would be there and the dress is safely with my sister back then at her home.

Am I happy?

I really don’t know. Holiday finally over. And the holiday not that lame after all. I got the chance to meet my friends, had a barbecue, sleepover, hang out and what not with them which some of them I have’nt seen for ages. Good times. Not to forget, I cherished the moment with my family. Mom and dad seems quite sad when one by one of us left home. And apparently, I would be the last one to face that. Kak Ina, please be home frequently, don’t you pity them? And I must be missing Irsa calling me Ti Bok too.

I do think that a long holiday is not good for a student. It takes time to adapt with the school things back with two months of not going to class and such. Memory loss. For a second I forgot where I put my ID and feel awkward to hold the pen and write. This may be vary to other student, but it applies on me.

Maybe, it is just about time. Maybe it is just that, I’m not the tiny child anymore who used to be so excited over a new uniform and a fancy Barbie backpack  who can’t sleep the night before and waiting anxiously for first day of school. Things just never be the same again, that is it. And maybe you have heard that three words people assume about life is, it goes on.

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