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So it’s a new year. Time to start off fresh, resolutions and what not. I’m a bit late for saying the ‘Happy New Year’ wish but there’s a saying said it’s better late than never. Being me, I don’t really like to set up for goals and things like that. Because, I personally think, is setting a goal (every single year) make you a better person? Or more determination? I guess it’s not, at least for me. I know, it’s nothing wrong having resolutions and goals for new year but I’m doing it in my way. I have few obtainable goals like: I want to complete the 5 prayers on time tomorrow. I want to start living healthy life from this now on. I hope I can make my parents happy today for cooking their favorite foods. And etc. We might not aware that everyday is a new brand day and it’s a human nature if we want to be better person. So if you plan to be a better person, why need new year if you can start it now? Life needs a little thinking. (I read it from one wise man :D)

I can’t barely remember how things can be passed quickly. I’ve grown up and so people around me. Icha now can speaks so fluent it annoys me sometimes lol, Daim is starting his first year of kindergarten, Aida got her license already, abang is going to be someone husband this year (InsyaAllah), some friends of same age are married now and getting children, Kak Ina is planning of having her third baby, mommy and daddy are living their 60s phase now and what not. I just thought I may have this moment to say that I’m truly and honestly grateful to Allah for this wonderful journey. I have a great family and awesome friends. I just love my circle of people. And all I can give is my prayers may Allah guides us on a right track, showers us with endless blessings and let us live a happy life in the world and hereafter.

And whoever reading this, I hope you are too doing well and leads a happy life ahead 🙂



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The last proper update was 5 months ago and in between that 5 months time, it was the time when I was busy coping for something called… life.

Life. Which I mean, getting back to college for degree, and sure enough degree is a tough stuff man! Prolly the toughest moment in my life. I was all down and almost give it up because this whole thing of degree, is a complete disaster. The assignments and quizzes are enough to let me die, let alone the final papers. I even vowed, if I screwed up my very first result it’s time for me to pack all things off and start thinking what to do with my future (Such a drama queen). I’ve never cried so much before during the diploma time, because I always have this positive thought that things just gonna turn out well. But of course who allows me to just comfortably sit there and laid back, life gonna be hard sometimes. And what do I do when life gets hard? Pray. Because He always listen. So, I am truly grateful that the result turned out to be okay, Alhamdulillah. It was nothing like Dean’s list and I didn’t expect much but you know, it is just okay. Plain okay and there’s always next time, I coached myself.

So that’s it the story behind my absent, I’ve been very occupied with my life at the moment and didn’t bother to write a proper entry.

Above all, I hope everyone are doing fine and may life has brought upon you great happiness!

Till the next time, XX.

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Lesson Learnt

Thing with internet, Facebook to be specified is we get connected. I can’t help it but once I logged on my account I have this tendency to check or you might prefer it as ‘stalk’ people. Or if you don’t know, stalking people on Facebook is not a creepy thing since we take it as a routine. People enjoy stalking each other more than they enjoyed stupid Rahsia Tarikh Lahir Pasangan Anda application whatever shits. Screw that.

To make thing short, I’ve came across this page of my friend not that very close type of friend but we were once a good classmate. So yeah, I spotted this another familiar name on her wall that I don’t know what the best to describe our relationship, things were so complicated back then. Not much to reveal, I will just say that this girl and I had some minor problem that enough for me to beware with. I’m afraid to label her as an ex-friend because I am not so sure was she really a ‘friend’ to me before. Whatever. So yeah I was like so you have new account now? (she deactivated before). Being analytical me, so I checked out her blogspot. Tell you what she used to write a lot of emo stuffs there and sometimes used me as the subject (I am that worth to have a tribute post LOL). It shocked me a bit. Her blog now filled with good posts and wise entries (even better than mine, I crap a lot).

You don’t deserve to be happy girl – that’s what I thought before. But on second thought, I believe everyone has the right to be happy. Come to think of it, she might as well did bad things but I am no one to penalize her, the only one who has the right to do so is God. It’s a good thing that I know she move on. Because life was seems so hard for her before so I assumed she put it up well with her problems. We often been told such thing like buat baik di balas baik and vice versa which pretty much interpreted as Karma. This whole Karma theory is true. I may say that I am a pure believer of what you give, you get back.

It may seem like a cliché,  but we just got to let the Karma works  it’s way.

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How would you react when you know that you just have few months left to live?


I don’t know where to go.

But as far as I concern, what matter the most is, Allah is there.

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Finally, I have the guts to sit and write! Is there anyone out there still reading this? I don’t know because this site is pretty dead and I just thought maybe WordPress should be banned me for being such an useless user.

Can’t be so sure with the acceleration, but times really flies, isn’t it? Haven’t you heard that college was over? I’m done with the most killer disaster semester ever, Semester 5! I’m not looking forward in repeating any subject cause I most probably can’t handle anymore stress from the coursework assignments and whatever you would like to add. Nothing much to talk about school, since all stress have been shut down and I’m really over it. You just have to say hello for my Industrial Training days and it is another case which should be written in another entry, perhaps.

I’m just coming back here to write something so people should have known that I’m still exist and breathing. Haha. No lah, just to keep this almost dead section with some oxygen.

Okay. Till next time. XX

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A Not So Goodbye Note

I’ve been searching like mad my favourite tweety pyjamas and a dress of mine because I’m going back to Gombak tomorrow.  And would not make it without my favourite tweety pyjamas. I know they must be misplaced somewhere. I tend to get angry easily and cry (you know me) because of that. Mom told me to take it slow and recite Ya Jami’. Thanks Allah, it really works! Five minutes later, I found the pyjamas in the second drawer which I least expected it would be there and the dress is safely with my sister back then at her home.

Am I happy?

I really don’t know. Holiday finally over. And the holiday not that lame after all. I got the chance to meet my friends, had a barbecue, sleepover, hang out and what not with them which some of them I have’nt seen for ages. Good times. Not to forget, I cherished the moment with my family. Mom and dad seems quite sad when one by one of us left home. And apparently, I would be the last one to face that. Kak Ina, please be home frequently, don’t you pity them? And I must be missing Irsa calling me Ti Bok too.

I do think that a long holiday is not good for a student. It takes time to adapt with the school things back with two months of not going to class and such. Memory loss. For a second I forgot where I put my ID and feel awkward to hold the pen and write. This may be vary to other student, but it applies on me.

Maybe, it is just about time. Maybe it is just that, I’m not the tiny child anymore who used to be so excited over a new uniform and a fancy Barbie backpack  who can’t sleep the night before and waiting anxiously for first day of school. Things just never be the same again, that is it. And maybe you have heard that three words people assume about life is, it goes on.

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Never Too Late

Okay, Dear Blog, don’t think I’ve forgotten you. I don’t believe it I would coming here back, myself. I don’t know whats so wrong, I might have lost my sense of blogging. Or maybe I just don’t want to end up writing a lame post and though, I feel bad for not updating.

For a brief start- I hope you guys are doing great as all should be, Okay?

Don’t expect me to write a review for the World Cup, because I have enough Vuvuzela and Octopus story all over the internet. I do watch football, but I’m not the real fanatic. And, I found it rather hilarious when my Facebook feeds will be flooded with who-won-who-lost status, right after the game finished in just one second. We surely gonna miss this in next four years time. Do we?

I have been enjoying dreaming about our future bakery with Kak Illya. I’m all smile and this imagination of having a bakery really amazed me. People might think we are overreacted with this bakery-issue. But you know, at least I’ve found something that I’d love to do. Being in Engineering is so not my pleasure. So, before you start to point out your lecture on how I should not choose Engineering at the first place and go to bakery class instead, I still think it is never too late. There is no point for me to regret things which is completely done, and bother to find a way to turn back. It is not like that life will going to stop there kan?

So, there was one night my friends and I had a girls random-talk and suddenly someone asked –korang menyesal tak masuk sini? Everyone voiced out their own opinion and when its come to my turn to speak, I gave them this -What if I don’t make myself into here? I would feel it such a waste to not knowing all of you. And they were all went wuuuu-bangga-siot expression. Bloody friends.

What I mean here, is simple to figure out. All things are not that bad as you may think it is. I’m still going to further my Engineering, and plan for a bakery shop as well. Because I do believe there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And ever since I know this Illya Rusli person, I found she is really inspired. She will work it out for something she wants and I can see the London trip is now like sejengkal je lagi Kak Illya! And maybe having her as a partner is such a great benefit. Haha. No, don’t get me wrong Kak Illya, I’m not taking you for granted. It would be fun to have you around to spread the love for sugar and flour!

Or maybe if someone gonna ask me one day why I settle myself down there dirty my hand with a flour and sugar when I suppose to get in some factory play with all the wires, and though I might just say it is okay, I love it here, and I feel lucky back in those days where I got the chance to see what is inside a capacitor and learn how to operate an oscillator and form a waveform out of it. And say back to him/her, kau penah ke?

Bragging much? Haha.

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